Shalom Y’all 

We’re a close-knit and inclusive Reform synagogue, celebrating Shabbat, holidays, and life’s special moments with joy and meaning. At our temple, personal connections flourish, and the discovery of Judaism becomes a shared journey. Join us as we celebrate traditions, share in one another’s joys and sorrows, and find purpose in a supportive and caring Jewish community. Welcome to our Bay County Reform Temple family.

Congrats Beryl

It is with great joy that we announce Beryl Trauth-Jurman’s graduation from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College! Please join us in congratulating Beryl for all of his hard work and dedication to his studies! Also next time you see him on the weekend of June 21st  he will officially be Rabbi Beryl! Mazel Tov!

The ceremony will begin at 1:30 pm (central) on May 19th and you can watch it on Youtube just follow the link below:


Temple B’nai Israel stands with the people of Israel, and as with all terrorist attacks, we unequivocally condemn the appalling attacks by the Hamas terrorists.  We mourn the loss of innocent lives and pray for the safety of all of the innocent civilians involved.

Join us for the High Holy Days

“The Gaon of Vilna said that ve-samachta be-chagekha (You shall rejoice in your festival; Deuteronomy 16:14) is the most difficult commandment in the Torah. I could never understand this puzzling remark. Only during the war did I understand. Those Jews who, in the course of their journey to the end of hope, managed to dance on Simhat Torah, those Jews who studied Talmud by heart while carrying stones on their back, those Jews who went on whispering Zemirot shel Shabbat (Hymns of Sabbath) while performing hard labor . . . ve-samachta be-chagekha was one commandment that was impossible to observe—yet they observed it.”

Elie Wiesel

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 Temple B’nai Israel celebrated 20 years at its current location on Frankford Avenue!  Check out the Video!